Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph


The pennants in this download are Golden Spiral themed and make a perfect get to know you activity. There are 7 different pennant versions (you can see 6 of them in the 2nd page of the preview). There are also student directions to turn 2 of the pennants into glyphs (favorite class, number of siblings, etc.). The Golden Spiral is a super cool and fun way to introduce Math to any age group. Each box in the spiral has an area of a number in the Fibonacci Sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34). Each larger number in the sequence is produced from the sum of the 2 previous numbers! Cool!
Some pennants ask students to fill in information about themselves (name, birthday, favorite color, favorite class), some have numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence within the Spiral, and others are more open-ended for coloring or adding what you’d like to see on the pennants. Once a pennant is complete it can be hung on a string in your classroom as Math-themed classroom decor. You can check out a quick video of the pennant here.
Pennants are a great way to decorate before Back to School night in the fall or to keep students focused before a holiday. Pennants with information boxes are a great way to get to know your students and for them to get to know each other.