Rate of Change (Slope) Solve 'n Check! Math Tasks


*Now includes a paper + a GOOGLE Forms version for distance learning.
On each card, students first determine the slope shown in 2 representations (table, graph, set of ordered pairs, equation*). Next, they either add, subtract, multiply or divide these slope values (based on what their card says to do) to see if the result matches the check number in the lower right corner of the card. Chances are if the check number matches, the rates of change were found correctly!
This activity is self-checking, giving students that instant feedback they love.
The printable version Includes 20 task cards that print 4 per page. The cards vary in difficulty so that all students can work at their own level. *Cards 11-20 include equations in standard form, whereas cards 1-10 only include graphs, tables and ordered pairs. Two versions of the paper answer sheet are included: one with spaces to answer all 20 cards and one with spaces to answer 10 cards, if you’d like a shorter activity.
The digital version is in Google Forms. There are 2 versions included: one version includes all 20 cards. The second version includes just 10 cards, if you’d like students to have a shorter activity.
Answer key included.