Systems of Equations - SUBSTITUTION - Partner Scavenger Hunt Activity


*Now includes a paper + an editable GOOGLE SLIDES version for distance learning.
Students work in partners to solve systems of equations by substitution in this collaborative “Around the Clock” activity. Each partner gets a clock with 12 unique systems of equations to solve. Each partner’s clock problems are different but the answers are the same, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. If one student gets stuck, the other can help. If student answers differ, they work together to figure out the correct answer before moving on to the next problem.
Students paste their START slip at 12 o’clock, solve its system of equations and find the solution on the top of another slip. They then paste this next slip at 1 o’clock and solve its system. Each answer students find will lead to the next system to solve.
Students solve all 12 systems of equations until they get back to 12 o’clock. If all systems have been solved correctly, the solution to the system at 11 o’clock will be found at the top of their START slip.
The activity is self-checking, providing students with instant feedback. The final product is a colorful example of their ability to solve systems of equations by substitution. Includes student answer sheets, answer key and a new GOOGLE Slides version for distance learning.