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Adding & Subtracting Integers Digital Math Escape Room

Adding & Subtracting Integers Digital Math Escape Room

Here's a fun digital math activity for students to practice adding and subtracting integers and a bestselling digital math escape room in my TpT store.

Students unlock 5 locks through simplifying 20 integer addition and subtraction expressions. Once students find the answer to a problem, they look to the answer grid to find it. Once students find all 4 answers to a puzzle, they type the 4-letter code to crack the lock! There are 5 puzzles in total.

Questions are grouped 4 per puzzle, resulting in five 4-letter codes to solve the escape room. The entire activity is housed in one GOOGLE Form with no outside links. The 4-letter codes are set with answer validation so that students cannot move to the next puzzle until they enter the correct code.

This is a digital-only activity. Includes answer key.

To add the escape room to your Google Drive, please open the PDF and click the blue text on page 2.

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