Collection: Digital Math Escapes

You have enough assignments to grade, and there aren't enough hours in the day to check everything.

"I love these activities and so do my students. We both love the self-checking factor: me because it actually requires my students to trouble shoot what they are doing incorrectly and gives them some motivation to figure out the solution; them because it is a 100 if they can escape and they enjoy the process of trying to breakout." - Kristin K. 

So why not let Google check your students' math assignments for you? Each digital math escape room is completely contained in one answer-validated Google Form with no outside links. This way no links will break and you can assign the escape rooms to students working anywhere (even outside of Google Classroom) with the Form's send link. Even students without Google accounts can complete these online math activities.


The escape rooms are a breeze to assign and their self-checking aspect gives students that instant feedback they love.


How does the self-checking work? Each escape room has 5 puzzles, each with 4 problems to solve. Each puzzle is set with answer-validation that will crack open once the correct 4-letter code is entered. To get the correct code, students solve the 4 problems in each puzzle then find their answers in the 9-letter answer grid. And no worries about students accidentally stumbling upon the correct answer without doing the work. Each puzzle has 3,024 possible 4-letter combinations and just one correct combination!


These digital math escapes work great as group or independent work, classwork assignments, station activities and test review. You can read more about how these escape rooms work here on my blog.


Below you'll find discounted escape room bundles. Each escape room is also available separately here on TpT.