Collection: Digital Math Escape Rooms

Digital math escape rooms are self-checking in Google Forms, eliminating your need to grade and giving students that immediate feedback they love. To date, I've created more than 90 of these engaging escape room activities, and recently updated each with a printable PDF version to make it an easy option for students to work offline.

Each digital math escape room is completely contained in one self-checking Google Form with no outside links. There are 5 puzzles to solve in each escape room, and students must enter each puzzle's correct code to move to the next puzzle. If a student makes it to the end screen, you know that they answered all 20 questions correctly.



How do these math escape rooms work?

Each escape room has 5 puzzles, each with 4 problems to solve. Each puzzle is set with answer-validation that requires a correct 4-letter code to be entered.

To solve each puzzle, students solve 4 problems then find their answers in the 9-letter answer grid to build their 4-letter code. There will be 20 total problems to solve in each escape room. 


Can students just guess the code?

Each 9-answer puzzle has 3,024 possible 4-letter combinations and just one correct combination. 


How do I send the escape room to students?

When you open the Google Form, there will be a purple "send" button in the top right corner. Clicking this will bring up the URL to send to students. 


Do students need Google Classroom?

Students do not need Google Classroom or Google accounts to complete these escape rooms. The Google Form's send link can be emailed or posted wherever students are working.


Are they printable?

Yes! Every digital math escape room now has a printable PDF version included along with the self-checking Google Forms version. 



Every digital math escape room is available individually on TPT.