Collection: Math Word Walls

The math word walls you'll find here show math vocabulary and concepts in context through bright visuals and examples. Your math word wall will become an extension of your teaching while giving your students the tools they need to work more independently. 

6th grade math word wall



Where are the definitions?

With 15-20% of our kids having reading difficulties (and up to 80% in students with specific learning disabilities), presenting math vocabulary in context allows more students to make the connections that are critical for conceptual understanding.

Displaying simple graphics and examples of math vocabulary in action, instead of explicit written definitions, allowed more of my students to access the curriculum. 


Should I display everything at once?

This is up to you. I liked having everything displayed at once because it allowed me to point back to make connections, and even to point forward to connect current topics to later units. Many teachers choose to display only small parts at a time. You can see a bunch of teacher word wall photos here


What about during state tests?

Teachers use newspaper, butcher paper or plastic table cloths to cover their word walls during state tests. In my classroom, I allowed students to use our math word wall as a reference during my own class assessments. 


I don't have my own classroom, how can I have a word wall?

Teachers have used that rigid foam poster board to make posters out of the pieces. The posters can be propped up on the front board and then stored away. 


Should I laminate my word wall?

Laminating will allow you to reuse your word wall year after year. If you are worried about glare, spraying the lamination with clear, flat spray paint eliminates the shine. Matte Mod Podge also works. 



Each word wall comes in printable color, printable black & white and interactive digital in Google Slides (shown above) in the same file. Printable Spanish vocabulary is included with every word wall.


The Math Word Wall Bundle below includes math word walls for 2nd grade through algebra 2, the unit circle, area, volume and financial literacy, along with a few extras. There are smaller 4-grade bundles available on TPT. Each individual word wall is also available on TPT, if you prefer shopping there.