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Algebra Tiles Resources

Algebra Tiles Resources

This big pack of algebra tiles and graphic organizer mats covers:

  • integer operations,
  • solving equations,
  • multiplying polynomials and
  • factoring quadratics.

"This resource gave me a better understanding of how to use algebra tiles to teach a variety of math concepts to my students. I really appreciated the video that gave examples of how to solve different types of problems with the tiles!" — Mary S, TPT review

Inside you will find:

  • printable double-sided algebra tiles with + and - sides,
  • printable mats that act as graphic organizers for the algebra tiles.


The mats can be slipped into page protectors so that students can use the tiles on top.


Also inside:

  • a link to a 30-minute algebra tiles tutorial video on YouTube filled with concrete ways to use algebra tiles for teaching integer operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), solving equations, multiplying polynomials and factoring quadratics.
  • digital algebra tiles built in Google Slides set up for solving equations and multiplying polynomials.


I like using algebra tiles as a way to "prove" to students that numbers are concrete and can be manipulated, much like building blocks! I like to use them when introducing a new topic to give students a different perspective on the math we are learning.


This algebra tiles pack is also on TPT, if you prefer shopping there.



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