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Back to School Math Pennant

Back to School Math Pennant

This back to school math pennant has a Golden Spiral theme and is a fun activity for students to complete on the first day of school. The finished pennants make beautiful student-created math classroom décor to hang around your classroom.

"Super fun and engaging, with both print and digital options. I used the print version with the younger kids and the digital with the older ones (immediate scaffolding and engagement) Highly recommended!" — Natalie P, TPT review

There are 7 printable versions and 1 drag-and-drop digital version inside the file. Two of the printable pennants include glyph directions (favorite class, number of siblings, etc.).


Some of the printable pennants ask students to fill in information about themselves, some have numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence within the spiral, and others are more open-ended for coloring. You can choose which pennant to give to your class or let students decide. 


Students drag and drop different colored shaped in the digital pennant, based on their answers to the glyph questions. The digital version is in Google Slides.


This activity is also on TPT, if you prefer shopping there.


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