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Geometry Word Wall

Geometry Word Wall

This geometry word wall shows vocabulary and concepts through colorful visuals and examples, and will be a helpful teaching tool in your math classroom. The references can be hung on your math bulletin board all at once, or added throughout the year.

"This is by far my most used resource. I am obsessed with this word wall! was amazing for my students." — Hannah E, TPT review

With geometry vocabulary references for geometric transformations, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular, skew lines, parallel planes, polygons, similar and congruent, parts of a circle, angles, special right triangles, similar triangles, triangle congruencies (SSS, ASA, AAS, SAS, HL), logic and conditional statements, geometric mean, Pythagorean Theorem and its converse, distance formula, circle formula, midpoint formula, segment bisector, segment addition, simplifying radicals, trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA), naming and notation of points, segments, lines, rays, and angles, focus, directrix, and properties of equality (reflexive, symmetric, transitive, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, transitive), hinge theorem, triangle inequality, and sums of interior angles of polygons, this math word wall is a helpful addition to your geometry classroom.


*Printable Spanish vocabulary now included.


The word wall comes in both PDF printable (color and black & white) and digital. The link to the digital word wall is inside the PDF.


The printable word wall comes in full color and in black & white. Everything prints on 8.5x11 computer paper. Inside the PDF are closeup photos of the word wall to use as an assembly guide.


The no-prep digital word wall was built in Google Slides with real photographs and is fully interactive. Each image on the "home" slide clicks to an enlarged version of the image. The digital word wall can be sent to students or projected in your classroom. If you do not use Google, the digital word wall can be downloaded from Google Slides as a PowerPoint or PDF and will still be clickable. You can see the home screen of the digital word wall in one of the thumbnail images.


Re-downloads to get updates and additions are always free.


This word wall is also on TPT, if you prefer shopping there.



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