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Integer Operations Manipulative

Integer Operations Manipulative

This manipulative allows students to "see" the relationship between positive and negative integers. Problems like -12 + 5 and 7 - 12 are easier to visualize with this tool.


I created this manipulative for my graduate thesis and tested it out with my own students. My students were solving advanced equations wrong, not because they didn't know the algebra but because they couldn't combine integers in the very last steps. Even in 11th grade when students "should" know how to add with negative numbers, student errors dropped by 62% after using this tool.


This download contains both a printable version and a digital version in Google Slides.


The printable version is an ebook with a cutout of the manipulative and simple directions for constructing and using the tool. All you need is a small metal brad fastener, some colorful paper and a laminator (clear packing tape also works perfectly well).


The digital version was built in Google Slides, making it easy for your to teach integer addition while working online. Students drag and drop red and green arrows to the integers they are adding. They then drag and drop yellow dots into the spaces between the two arrows and count the number of dots. Just like the printable version, the digital version works with absolute value. Simple directions are typed onto the Slide that students can follow when adding their integers. Includes both print and digital.


This integer operations manipulative is also on TPT, if you prefer shopping there.



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