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Math Pennants Bundle

Math Pennants Bundle

This bundle contains every math pennant in my TpT store. It includes 100+ math pennants for elementary, middle and high school math topics as well as pennants made especially for holidays. All new math pennants will be added to this bundle and you will be notified that the bundle can be re-downloaded (for free).

Students of all ages love seeing their work displayed. It builds their confidence and is a reminder on those tougher days that they CAN do it. Math pennants bring this a step further by incorporating student work into classroom décor. Students feel good about seeing their work displayed in their classrooms while also getting the chance to be a little extra creative during math.


Included in this bundle (in alphabetical order):

*A metric version of this pennant is also included.

**A holiday version of this pennant is also included.

  • Absolute Value Inequalities Pennant
  • Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals Ornaments
  • Adding and Subtracting Pennant {with and without regrouping}
  • Algebraic Reasoning Pennant
  • Angles Pennant {classify, measure, draw}
  • Area and Perimeter Ornaments (younger kids)
  • Area and Perimeter Holiday Ornaments (rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, composite figures)
  • Area and Perimeter Pennant
  • Area Pennant
  • Area of Composite Figures Pennant
  • Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph Activity - print and digital
  • Combining Like Terms Pennant
  • Compound Inequalities Pennant
  • Compound Interest Pennant
  • Conversions Pennant
  • Coordinate Graphing Pennant {QUADRANT 1}
  • Coordinate Graphing Pennant {4 QUADRANTS}
  • DATA Pennant*
  • Decimals Holiday Ornaments - multiplying
  • Decimals - Dividing Decimals Math Pennant
  • Divisibility Rules Pennant Banner - print and virtual classroom
  • Domain and Range Cornucopia Pennant
  • Domain and Range Pennant
  • Earth Day Math Word Problems Pennant Activity - print and digital
  • Easter Math Pennant: Evaluating Functions
  • Exponents Pennant
  • Factoring Pennant
  • Factoring Review Pennant**
  • First 100 Digits of Pi Fall Math Pennant
  • Fractions, Decimals & Percents Pennant {converting}
  • Fractions Pennant - adding**
  • Fractions Pennant - comparing fraction size
  • Fractions Pennant - dividing
  • Fractions Pennant - improper fractions & mixed numbers**
  • Fractions Pennant - multiplying**
  • Fractions Pennant - multiplying whole number x fraction
  • Fractions Pennant - subtracting**
  • Functions Pennant
  • GCF, LCM and Prime Factors Pennant
  • Geometric Transformations Pennant
  • Geometric Transformations Pennant {for younger kids}
  • Graphing Linear Equations Ornaments
  • Halloween Multiplication Math Pennant Activity 2 x 1 digit
  • Halloween Multiplication Math Pennant Activity 2 x 2 digit
  • Halloween Multiplication Math Pennant Activity 3 x 2 digit
  • Halloween Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Math Pennant
  • Inequalities Pennant - 1 step
  • Inequalities Pennant - multi step
  • Integers Pennant {ordering}
  • Integer Operations Pennant {add & subtract}
  • Integer Operations Pennant {multiply & divide}
  • Linear Equations Pennant
  • Literal Equations Pennant
  • Long Division Pennant
  • "Math Boss" Editable Pennant
  • Mean Median Mode Range Pennant
  • Mixed Numbers - add & subtract mixed numbers Valentine's hearts pennant
  • Mixed Numbers - multiply & divide mixed numbers Valentine's hearts pennant
  • Multiplication Facts Pennant
  • Multiplying and Dividing Decimals by Powers of 10 Holiday Ornaments
  • My Advice to Next Year's Students pennant end of year activity - print and digital
  • Parallel Lines, Transversals, and Angles Pennant
  • Patterns Pennant {sequences}
  • Percents Pennant
  • Pi Day Pennant for Middle School
  • Pi Day Pennant*
  • Place Value Pennant
  • Place Value Pennant {to the thousandths}
  • Plotting Points Snowflake Pennant
  • Polynomials Pennant
  • Prime Numbers Pennant Banner
  • Proportions Thanksgiving Pennant
  • Proportional Relationships Snowflake Pennant
  • Pythagorean Theorem Pennant*
  • Quadratic Formula Pennant
  • Quadratics Pennant {graphing}
  • Radicals Pennant: adding and subtracting
  • Radicals Pennant: multiplying
  • Radicals Pennant: simplifying
  • Radicals Pennant: simplifying with variables
  • Ratios and Proportions Pennant
  • Real Numbers Pennant {ordering}
  • Regular Polygons Pennant
  • Repeated Addition Pennant
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry Pennant
  • Rounding Pennant {whole numbers}
  • Pumpkin Rounding Math Pennant - print and digital
  • Saint Patrick's Day Dividing Fractions and Wholes Pennant
  • St. Patrick's Day Graphing Exponential Functions Shamrock Math Pennant
  • Scientific Notation Pennant - Adding
  • Scientific Notation Pennant - Converting
  • Scientific Notation Pennant - Dividing
  • Scientific Method Pennant - Multiplying
  • Scientific Notation Pennant - Subtracting
  • Slope Pennant
  • Solving Equations Pennant {1-step equations}
  • Solving Equations Halloween Ghost Pennant
  • Solving Equations Holiday Ornaments
  • Solving Equations Pennant {2-step}
  • Solving Equations Pennant {multi-step}
  • Solving Equations Pennant {with distribution}
  • Systems of Equations Pennant {elimination & substitution}
  • Systems of Equations Pennant {graphing}
  • Telling Time Pennant
  • Unit Rates Pennant
  • Valentine's Day Algebra Linear Equations Hearts
  • Volume and Surface Area Pennant*
  • Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres Pennant


Every math pennant is available separately here on TpTThis same bundle is also available for download there.



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