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Consumer Math Activities Bundle

Consumer Math Activities Bundle

Consumer math is so fun to teach, and it's so important for students to build their financial literacy skills. Knowing how to manage money empowers students to make better personal finance decisions, especially as they inch closer to graduation.

This bundle includes a variety of printable and digital activities for teaching and reviewing percents, budgeting, paychecks, taxes and more. The bundle includes a variety of interactive printable and digital activities to supplement your consumer math curriculum.

Please see "print and digital" next to the activities that include both printable and digital versions in their files. The digital versions were built in Google Slides or Google Forms. Links to the digital versions are found inside their PDF files.


Included in this bundle:

  • Budget Task Cards Activity - print and digital
  • Budgets Digital Math Escape Room
  • Checkbook Task Cards
  • Compound Interest Chain Activity
  • Compound Interest Digital Math Escape Room
  • Credit Cards Scavenger Hunt
  • Editable Number Talks PowerPoint Slides - Percents
  • Google Sheets or Excel checkbook register
  • Percents Challenge Game!
  • Percent Change Task Cards - print and digital
  • Percents Digital Math Escape Room
  • Percent Discounts Math Pennant Paycheck Tasks - print and digital
  • Shop the Classroom! Sale Tags
  • Shop the Grocery Store! Percent Discounts Digital Activity
  • Shop the Thrift Store! Percent Markup and Profit Digital Activity
  • Simple Interest Digital Math Escape Room
  • Simple and Compound Interest Foldables
  • Stock Market Task Cards - percent change - print and digital
  • Tax Task Cards {Federal Income Tax activity}
  • Tip Task Cards - print and digital
  • Unit Price Digital Math Escape Room
  • Wants vs. Needs Digital Sorting Activity



Every consumer math activity is available separately on TPT. This same bundle is also available there.



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