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Tax Task Cards - Federal Income Taxes 1040 Activity

Tax Task Cards - Federal Income Taxes 1040 Activity

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Filing income taxes can be intimidating! This consumer math activity teaches students how to file a federal income tax return that includes a Form 1040 and a Schedule 1.


Students are given a W2 for a fictional person "William A. Pay" who works as a teacher and paid some student loan interest last year. He had also been unemployed for part of the year, taking his unemployment compensation untaxed. Will this lead to him owing taxes to the IRS?


**updated for April 2023 tax season** This activity will be updated every year. You will be able to redownload the activity free of charge every year to get the update.


Included in the download are: 20 task cards, blank checks, a W2, a student answer sheet, answer key and completed 1040 and Schedule 1.


The task cards included in this activity walk students through completing a 1040 and Schedule 1. The final product of this activity is a completed federal tax form 1040 and an answer sheet.


Included in: Consumer Math Activities Bundle



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